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8 Habits to be Spiritual in Corporate America

Working in Corporate America can be challenging when you are a spiritual person surrounded by non-spiritual people. I have done this for the past twelve years and mastered the ability to keep my frequency high while being surrounded by low vibe people. See my secrets below and encourage you to try them and watch your life change within a few short weeks!

Spiritual Habits

  • Have a spiritual routine (ground in the grass when you wake up, call on Archangel Michael and Saint Germain for daily protection, meditate for 20 minutes in the early afternoon to align chakras, write in your manifest journal at night)

  • Say I Am statements at least once a day (I Am Love, I Am Healthy, I Am Wealthy, I Am Funny, I Am Happy, I Am Abundant of All Things)

  • Have a Reiki healer to keep you clear and on track

  • Visit The Energy Room to regenerate your cells

  • Have crystals throughout your house for protection and to raise your frequency

  • Eat clean and take your supplements

  • Connect with friends and family once a week

  • Quick outdoor activities (walk your dog, jump in the pool, run an errand)

Work Habits

  • Work from home as much as possible

  • Outsource as much of your work as possible

  • Work on one task at a time to feel accomplished each time you finish a task

  • Close email application when you need to do something important

  • Understand what triggers you negatively so you can acknowledge it and move on quickly

  • Avoid joining companywide calls you know are a waste of time

  • Do not schedule prep meetings for a prep meeting

  • Keep manager one on one brief

Final Thoughts

Being around low vibe people for many hours per work is challenging, but if you create a routine and stick to it, you too can be spiritual in Corporate America. It took me years of work with my Reiki Master and years of sticking to my work habits to get to the Zen state I operate from daily. Give these habits time to take effect and we are excited to hear about your amazing transformations! High vibes only!

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Vineet Joseph
Vineet Joseph
15. März 2023

Great writing.

Gefällt mir
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