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After your EE session, it is best to have a detoxification bath within 24 hours. The basic detoxification bath includes two cups of sea salt and two cups of baking soda, which helps pull toxins out of your body through your skin. If you don't have a bath tub, we have detox solutions for you!

RF Inner Cleanse: Foot Detox

The RF Inner Cleanse is a thermal shock wave depth conditioning instrument that circulates RF (radio frequency) Vibration Energy through the meridians of the feet to the whole body.

Based on German Microcrystalline Radio Frequency Technology, the RF Inner Cleanse Detox treatments improve blood circulation deep within the cells of every organ of the body, raise the body’s internal temperature to protect against disease and support lymph health.

Raising the body’s internal temperature by even one degree can increase immunity by 5-6 times. Raising the body’s internal temperature creates deep thermal resonance frequencies.

The microcrystalline radio frequencies emitted by the RF Inner-Cleanse help to regulate the entire body’s circulatory system, influences the frequencies of the organs that are in direct correlation with entire circulatory system, raises the body’s natural metabolic rate and enhances the body’s immune system. Blood circulation is accelerated, toxins and waste are broken down and sent to be eliminated.

Mucous, cholesterol and fat which can adhere to the arteries and vein walls are dispersed and gradually can be eliminated by the body. Fresh oxygen and nutrients are circulated faster through the blood, detoxing the organs.
Now cells and genes can start to be repaired and be rejuvenated by the body. 


The RF Inner Cleanse may help with some of the following:

  • Hypertension

  • Hyperglycemia

  • Hyperlipidemia

  • Gout

  • Varicose veins

  • Backache

  • Atrophy

  • Joint pain

  • Weight loss

  • Skin Disease

  • Colds

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Neuropathy

And more…

BioOx Reactor Air Cleaning System

Untitled design.png

The most powerful air cleaning system ever.

The BioOx® air-scrubbing system machine contains a mixture of plain water and natural enzymes. Within just a matter of hours of turning on the bio-reactor the air will be cleaner and healthier, and feel fresher as a variety of harmful particles are removed.

It creates the most pristine air you will ever breathe.

Proven to remove from the air we breathe:

- microplastics
- microglass
- petroleum vapors

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