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What is a Zero Point Field?

In addition to the EE System generating multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, it creates a unique Zero-Point Field of energy in the room. Albert Einstein termed "Zero-point" as a state of perfect resonance that contains all the frequencies, which amounts to the simultaneous presence and absence of all possibilities.

In other words, this energy has potential to become the product of the vibration / intention we place in it. Entering the Zero-Point Field with positive intention and choosing to harness the healing energy of the scalar waves is key.

Positive thinking, faith, unshakable beliefs are high vibrational states. Hoping, wishing, and crossing one’s fingers are low vibrational as they come from a presumption of lack or need. High vibrational health, in effect, counteracts the frequencies within the body which cause dis-ease (AKA disharmony,

out of sorts, out of alignment).

In this field the human mind/body system is largely free of disruptive environmental electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and extreme low frequencies (ELF) that interfere with its own electromagnetic field, enabling each cell of the body, as Dr. Marcial-Vega says, to move toward its natural, healthy frequency range.

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