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Scalar Energy Defined & Benefits

What are Scalar Waves?

  • Nikola Tesla referred to Scalar waves as universal waves, scalar energy or standing energy. He harnessed it without using any wires or cables. He believed that if harnessed correctly, this energy can offer endless possibilities.

  • Researcher, Andrija Puharich concluded that Scalar energy could enhance both endocrine and immune systems.

  • Quantum biologist, Dr. Glen Rein, observed that scalar energy was shown to improve the growth of white blood cells which improves the immune responses of human bodies. He also witnessed that the positive influence on the immune and nervous systems is regardless of the belief systems of the individual.

  • “Scalar fields have a potential for increasing energy and reversing aging. They increase the connection between that universal energy which is limitless, and your awareness of it, to use it in order to manifest whatever you want to manifest, whether it’s health, wealth, or happiness.”, Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega, M.D., John Hopkins Research Physician, Oncology

What are the Benefits of Scalar Energy?

  • Scalar waves promote healing and regeneration because they operate at a frequency range that corresponds to the Schumann Resonances which experts say, helps you relax, heal faster, and perform better in your day-to-day life.

  • The electrical charge generated across cell membranes increases cellular nutrient uptake and cellular waste/toxin elimination.

  • The energizing of our cells boosts overall energy and heightens states of awareness and creativity.

  • It strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage, and initiates an improvement in our overall immune function.

  • Increased amplitudes of EEGs frequencies have shown an increase in the balance of both hemispheres of the brain, contributing to heightened mental focus and brainwave coherence.

  • Finally, scalar waves also create an impact like an antidepressant by directly altering neurotransmitter movement.

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