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Does Kangen Water Really Work? We Put it to The Test!

All water is not the same and many companies make bold claims they never live up to. We tested Kangen K8 water against two other brands millions of people drink daily and Kangen outscored them both!

Express Water Filter + Kangen K8

We at The Energy Room have an Express Water reverse osmosis filter system connected to a Kangen K8 machine and wow, what a combination! If you are not familiar with this water system, Kangen water is a medical grade ionized, alkaline, restructure water rich with antioxidants (aka electrolyzed reduced water or hydrogen water). As for Express Water, their filters remove 99.99% of lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, calcium, arsenic, and more.

Water Quality Tests

We run several tests weekly and the results are consistent. We start with a TDS tester (Total Dissolved Solids) and each recommended rating goes per 50 TDS (see rating scale below). Our water reads at 9, while a leading alkaline brand reads at 55, and another at 87. YIKES!

We use a 16 in 1 water test to check for hardness, iron, lead, copper, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, etc. and the results are always in the 0 percentile, while the other brands had traces of fluoride and lead in their water. Our final tests are for alkaline levels where we test over 9.50 pH, while the other ranged from 8.25 to 9.50 pH.

Test For Yourself

Check out this video by Dr. Barry Awe where he states that Kangen water has 4 times the Oxidation Reduction Potential (aka millivolts of energy) greater than the next closest superfood. The more people we can educate, the more people will gain the amazing benefits of this water. Try a few tests for yourself and leave a comment on who won!

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