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NeoGen Care

Pre and Post NeoGen Treatment Instructions

How to Prepare for your NeoGen Treatment


Avoid the following for 10 days prior to your NeoGen treatment:

  • No Surgery in the area

  • No Retinols being used

  • No Botox

  • No Filler

  • No Sun Exposure (for 7 days)

For Maximum Results:

  • Purchase Exoderm, CeraVe, or Aquaphor healing ointment PRIOR to your treatment date.

  • No alcohol within 3 days of your treatment.

  • Drink electrolytes 2x a day for 6 days (Propel or Coconut water are good options).

  • Increase your water intake to 2 Liters a day.

  • If there is a history of herpes, pretreat for 3 days before and 3 days after. 

Day of treatment:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early.

  • Do not wear any makeup. 

  • DO NOT wear contacts, instead wear glasses.

  • If you have vellus hair (peach fuzz), please remove via shaving.



The Energy Room

200 W Palmetto Park Road, Suite 202

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Phone: (561) 210-0502

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Post NeoGen Treatment Protocol
(please follow exactly for the best results)

Both Low and High Frequency


  • IMPORTANT: Apply healing ointment multiples times a day. Your face should look greasy!
    For Low Frequency, continuously use the healing ointment for 2 days.
    For High Frequency, continuously use the healing ointment for 5 days.
    Skin will flake, dry up, or itch if this protocol is not followed!


  • Continue drinking plenty of water and electrolytes for one week.


  • If your skin feels tight or dry, reapply the healing ointment.


  • Do not pick! Picking may result in an infection or scar.


  • The treated skin will generally flake within 2 to 5 days (Low Frequency) and 7 to 10 days (High Frequency). The old skin will come off as you wash your face.


  • As your skin flakes, there may be some areas that are lighter or darker. This should even out over time.


  • Abstain from exercise 5 days post-treatment.


  • Use a sugar scrub (olive oil & sugar) on the night of Day 6 to exfoliate.


LOW Frequency

  • Do not cleanse the treated area during the first 24 hours.

  • Do not expose your treated skin to the sun for 24 hours and use sunscreen afterwards.


HIGH Frequency

  • Do not cleanse the treated area during the first 4 days. You may rinse off under lukewarm water while in the shower, but no scrubbing. Pat dry.

  • Do not expose your treated skin to the sun for 5 days and use sunscreen afterwards.

  • At night, densely cover the treated area with the healing ointment to protect the skin. 

  • To ease any discomfort such as itching you may take half of a Benadryl or use hydrocortisone cream (High Frequency treatments only).


For any questions or concerns, send a text message or call (561) 210-0502.

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